Almost there………………

The welcome banner at the entrance

The welcome banner at the entrance

Coming towards the end of my last real day within this Circuit. I go on holiday tomorrow for two weeks (Rebecca is staying at home dog-sitting) and then the day after I get back I have a pretty full three service day + farewell buffets. The following day I have my Circuit farewell and then that’s it, gone!

Its strange but despite having moved many times before I am finding this the hardest and the strangest; I don’t know whether it’s because I`ve been busier here than in any previous circuit and not in those things that drive my passion for evangelism; I don’t know if it’s because it’s still a fairly new Circuit and because I was there at its birth it feels like my baby; maybe it’s because I don’t like leaving a work unfinished and it feels as though that`s what I am doing; I don’t know if it’s because I`ve become incredibly fond of the people of this area. I suspect that it’s a mixture of all these things and I have to constantly remind myself that it was for health reasons that I agreed to move on and simply trust in the God who has brought me this far.

One way or another Borders Mission Methodist Circuit has become very dear to me and I will have some great memories of my short time here. Memories of a lot of laughter, great staff, a brilliant office team, some very special Churches, some very dear prayer times, a people who seem to care enough about me to let me go and yet want to keep me. Times at Dove Cottage with Newton, sport with Pilsley Yoof, teasing by the Barnet Boys, Flower Festivals, Ploughmans lunch all go into the mix of what makes up Borders Mission Methodist Circuit.

My hope and prayer is that they will grasp hope of the need to really promote Mission, that some of the Churches which are in irreversible decline will grasp the nettle and move on allowing resources to be used differently, that as a Circuit they may cherish what a wonderful lay team they have. Above all else they may truly understand that this is a mission envisaged to “know Christ and to make Christ known” and that it may truly become a reality.


But here`s to the future…………………. I`m sure that the incoming Minister, Dermot, will be just the man who this Circuit needs, different to me but with his own skills and capabilities. Dermot is Gods man for this area at this time, and my prayer is that God will bless him and his wife Charlene powerfully so that they can Minister to these precious people.

And as for my future…………. the newly formed Trent and Dove Circuit awaits with all of its challenges, hopes and expectations. Who knows what lies in store, other than the knowledge that Jesus said “……..I will be with you evermore” (Matthew 28) and if that’s his promise then I believe its a promise that will hold true, as it has done for me in previous circuits.


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