Love equally

Photo: The EDL will hold hate filled fascist marches today in many towns and cities. I stand against them

The English Defence League are today holding marches in many towns and cities supposedly in defence of our country and yet I find that often the EDl extremists are as bad as the Islamic extremists they rant against and as bad as Christian extremists such as the hate filled Baptist Church who protested at a 9 year old boys funeral after he was killed in the recent Hurricane.

I give thanks for the dignified response of drummer Lee Rigbys family who have appealed for calm and asked for no reprisals and that is truly the way forward against the extremists who would rather find any excuse for violence and hatred.

I believe in a God of love, a Saviour of people irrespective of colour or culture, and a Spirit who moves me to see all people through the eyes of the creator.

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