I`m back………….

I thought I`d better start work on the blog again before you all give up on me.

After my marathon entry session at Methodist Conference, I then went on holiday for a couple of weeks and back to a mountain of work + the Olympics if I`m totally honest.

Intrigued by some of the stuff that’s coming out of the Olympics now, which I think have been fantastic. Yesterday on the radio one of our athletes who finished FIFTH in his heat, and therefore didn`t qualify actually, actually apologised to the country, his family and supporters. I wanted to scream at the radio that he hadn’t let us down at all.

I think possibly the problem is exacerbated by the way in which we as a nation are taking such pride in the number of gold medals we have won, without realising that it almost implies failure on those who `only` achieved silver or bronze or nothing. We add to the problem by painting post boxes in the towns of the winners, gold, but we don`t paint any silver or bronze or put olympic rings on then to commemorate those who have taken part. Only gold counts it would seem.

Now I suspect that this isn`t really the case and that there are many who are rightly proud that their relative or neighbour has simply taken part; certainly in Mansfield, our neighbouring town, there is tremendous pride in Rebecca Adlington and she will be able to hold her head high upon her return. She is simply our Olympian, medals or no medals.

Perhaps it’s also the drive and motivation of the athletes themselves to be the very best that makes them feel like failures if they don`t achieve it. I don`t know but I do remember that someone once said that “true failure is only achieved by those who fail to try”.

I want to salute all our Olympians, from the famous to the not so famous; I hope and expect that Team GB will win the Sports Personality team of the year; I want to praise our country for delivering a magnificent set of games that has made much of the world stand up and admire us; I thank all the volunteers and workers, armed forces and visionaries who have shown us all why the word GREAT comes before the word BRITAIN.


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