European Championships

England Away Shirt 2010-2012 (emblem)

England Away Shirt 2010-2012 (emblem) (Photo credit: The Laird of Oldham)

What a great time it is at the moment for us sports lovers. Following the olympic torch, European football Championships, Wimbledon next week, the Olympics to follow, the football season beginning in August and then the Paralympics. Good job I don’t like cricket !

What are we to make of it all ? I know that there are some for whom all sport is anathema and then others (like me) who would overdose on it. I suppose what we make of it will depend on how much we enjoy it. To those who don’t there will never be a good reason for such a feast of sporting activity and to others we wish it happened every year !

And yet somehow sport stirs the national fervour; when one of our players even gets close to the Wimbledon final we all get behind him or her; should the England football team get through the quarter finals and reach the semi`s then even the most ardent football hater will keep an eye on what is happening.

Good, solid sporting success often brings out the hope in people, the nationalistic passion and the patriotism. In moderation that can be good for our well-being, our national health and pride and good for our economy as a knock on effect of the `feel-good` factor.

After the English success in 1966 at the world cup it was felt that the whole country existed `on a high` for a while and this positivity affected everything else from work productivity to economic stability.

Whether or not that will convince any of the sceptics that this is a good summer I doubt, but I for one will be looking to see England win the football, Britain to bring home the gold medals, Andy Murray to win Wimbledon (!) and then Newcastle Untied to set August alight at the top of the Premiership.

Heres hoping.

Cropped transparent version of Image:Olympic f...

Cropped transparent version of Image:Olympic flag.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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