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Its been a while since I`ve been on here and I seem to have got up to loads since 8th Feb (last dated entry). My apologies to those who faithfully check this regularly, but there are times when life just takes over.

Since the last entry I have had 4 assemblies, 2 funerals, a local preachers meeting, four coffee mornings, a visit to Stoke in my capacity of chaplain/support to a probationer Minister, a lecture on the book of Job, two leadership meetings, an evangelism meeting, a visit to Alfreton Town football club, a lecture on Gospel and culture, two school visits to my Westhouses Chapel, two church councils, a lent lunch and a celebration meal for two colleagues tonight ! In the midst of all this there has been sermon and service preparation, the preparation for the Job lecture and the “Gospel and Culture” lecture, answering telephone calls and queries, starting to help our new Circuit Administrator to do her job, and then dealing with the day-to-day stuff of life such as a cracked car windscreen, flat tyres, bills to pay and so on…………………

Life is permanently busy, probably more so now than ever before and yet I still wouldn`t want to swap it for anything else. Yes there are days when the latest legislation passes my desk and I want to scream “no more” for I`m expected to be an expert on Safeguarding issues, Health and Safety, Methodist rules and regulations, Food Hygiene rules, Building regulations and more. Then there is the constantly changing nature of the Methodist Church as we seek to reshape our denomination for the future to make us a mission shaped movement.

There are days when it just feels overwhelming and yet there are far more blessings than problems; the blessings of knowing I have helped someone, the little child who came up to me at school yesterday to thank me for a prayer I`d given him, the church who expressed gratitude for my attendance at one of their events, the lovely welcoming smile I got when I went to visit an elderly lady, the enthusiasm of our evangelism team at suggestions made, the joy of being able to tease my brother for reaching the age of 60 and the joy of getting a request from my daughter to meet up for lunch tomorrow. These are the times when I give thanks to God for the privileges he has bestowed on me.

There is a song which goes……………………………  “God is good, all the time, all the time, God is good.”          

There are many days when I sing this in my head and give thanks to God for all he has done for me.                                                                         


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