Flash Mob Eucharist

As many of you know I find Facebook a great tool for prayer, for keeping up with friends, and also for challenging thoughts. Today a friend posted a YouTube link up and it stunned me with its simple power.

The link is  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cZ5aYoSr3Hg&gl=GB

I hope it connects for you. Use it as part of your private devotions, but also marvel at the opportunity that the Fransican monks took in Preston last year in doing this.

So often we try to create evangelistic opportunities, we plan and prepare, we figure out costs, we strategise and nothing happens, but sometimes God is simply asking us to proclaim His Word in a non threatening way without haranguing people or Bible bashing. This guy simply performs the sacramental act of holding up the Host (the bread representing the body of Jesus) and another reads out Scripture; at the end they pack up and walk away without seeking anything in return, neither money nor converts.

What have they done ? Quite simply they brought the presence of Jesus into the shopping centre of Preston. Notice how many stop and kneel, some for a short while others for the whole episode, but they all take the opportunity of pausing in their busy lives and adoring Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Oh, if only the Methodist Church would reclaim some of its heritage and find ways of drawing alongside the community and bring the presence of Jesus into the centre of communities.



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