Happy Christmas

One of the `blessings` of this line of work is that there is always “just one more” job to be done. I`ve switched the computer off three times now and even told colleagues that I won`t be switching it on again until after Christmas. However, thats not the way it goes……………………..

I`ve come back online simply to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Christmas. I know I`ll see some of you shortly at Bethel, some at Stonebroom at midnight and some tomorrow at Swanwick, but to everyone in the Borders Mission Circuit (the best circuit in the Nottingham and Derby District) and to all my online readers may I wish you all a very blessed, peaceful and joyful Christmas.

 As we remember the Holy Family who became refugees in a foreign land let us think this year of all those displaced away from their natural homes, those on the streets of our cities and towns, those in fear of going back to their own countries etc. There are many refugees in this country and world for whom Christmas is not easy. Let us pray they recieve the comfort of the Christ child.

 As we remember the horror and evil of Herod in the Christmas story, let us recall those caught up in violence and prejudice this year, the ongoing conflicts and those engaged in them, the tension of the Korean border and we pray for peace and safety, expecially remembering our troops serving in foreign fields.

As we remember the joyous wonder of the shepherds let us give thanks for the miracle of the incarnation and the awesomeness of our Lord and Saviours birth in the stable. Let us never forget the sheer depth of love that brought him out of Heaven with all its riches and lory, into the dark, smelly stable with its poverty and dirt, and let us give thanks that he was prepared to do that for us all.

 Don`t lets reduce Christmas simply to a round of eating, drinking and partying, but let us remember that in the middle of it all is a TRUE cause for celebration; Jesus Christ himself.

I pray that Christmas will be for you all a very special time and a time when special memories are made; a time when you and your l

christmas tree lights

Image by swarna rajan - 50K views - thank you all!!! via Flickr

oved ones will feel the peace of Jesus. God bless you all.

P.S.  as I write this the Norad website tells me that Santa is over the Philippines at the moment, flying over Zamboanga !!!!!!  Thought you`d like to know………………..

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