Pub Praise

It’s amazing how things come along to give mixed emotions. At about 5.00 p.m. this evening I opened an e-mail to find out that I hadn`t been accepted to carry the Olympic Torch; you can imagine how disappointed I was and then doubly so to find a young 20yr old lad who organises charity events on behalf of the fight against cancer was also turned down. I really thought that Iain would have been accepted, for he is an ab solute credit to his generation.

English: The Station pub and village post offi...

The Station Hotel

So it was with some disappointment that I made my way to The Station Hotel in Westhouses where the Chapel had arranged to sing carols in the pub. Don`t ever tell me that some older ladies and one man cannot do anything for the Gospel. They all turned out in force, met the villagers, sang carols, allowed me to speak and tell dodgy jokes and at the suggestion of the landlady a collection was taken up which raised £86 pounds. The Chapel have decided to give this money to our local Leonard Cheshire home in Alfreton.

Kevin and Tracey from the Station Hotel were magnificent in letting us go in in the first place, in providing soup and sandwiches and combined with the mince pies from the Chapel it all made for a glorious evening.

I linked the carols with a little of the nativity story and some jokes, but no sermon. It all went well. Some from the pub have said they will come to the Chapel carol service next week and Kevin and Tracey have invited us to join with them again in the Spring for another event, and later to have the Harvest festival in the pub.

To think I started out with disappointment I have to admit that I am now on a high; this sort of evangelism is what I was made for. After the evening I was asked by someone “why did you choose to go into the Church as a career” to which I replied that I didn`t choose it but I felt that God had chosen me ! I was then able to give my testimony in a low-key way.

Wow, Christmas has really started with a bang this year, and all because 7 elderly ladies wanted to share the love of Jesus.


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