A Tiggerish day


Image via Wikipedia

Found this on my facebook page and thought that it summed up the sort of day I am having today. I announced to Alison this morning that I was having a `tiggerish` day (Tigger from Winnie the Pooh ??????) and I`m just in a silly mood. Then this afternoon I opened up Facebook and this appeared…………….

It certainly brought a smile to my face, for I was blessed with a wonderful childhood full of the characters mentioned above, allowed to let my imagination roam free and to be creative in my play, but most importantly of all I was blessed with two wonderful parents who allowed me to be childlike both in my childhood days and now in my supposedly adult days.

My father still talks about not being entering his second childhood as he’s not finished with the first one yet !

Life is short and given to us by God to be enjoyed and whilst I appreciate that for some life is very difficult and more about survival than anything else those of us for whom life is good should not allow ourselves to be pulled down but hopefully by our exuberance and sensitive enjoyment of life we might be able to pull others up.

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