Ey-up-ma-duck !!

New Street, Hilcote

Image via Wikipedia

Did something that I never thought I`d ever do, have cause to do or even want to do ! I went to a duck race !! Now before all the animal liberationists and welfare agencies get on to me, I must explain that it involved those of the small yellow, plastic type !

The village of Hilcote, which houses my smallest Chapel (B.Winning) hosts an annual plastic duck race on its nearby brook. The brook runs next to the rear of the Chapel and alongside the rear of the local working mens club. Consequently, both are involved and so I wanted to be there to represent the Chapel. It became a good afternoon of meeting people from the village and letting them see a `vicar` enjoying himself. As it’s the only Church presence in the village it is important to the villagers to see it being used. However it only consists of 6 elderly ladies, who still run a sunday-school (6 children) and a weekly open youth club, so I think the village appreciate what the Chapel does but I still need to find a way of getting some of these villagers involved.

A small rubber duck bathing.

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Then by contrast a wedding visit to a couple in their early 60`s who have decided its time to get married. When I asked why they were bothering, he simply replied “cos, I love her !” as if I`d asked the dumbest question ever. Lovely time with them.

In amongst all this I spent my time finalising my sermon and hymns ready for tomorrow, for I have three services one of which is a harvest festival.

Finally, spent this evening completing my packing for Romania as we fly out there tomorrow night for our annual trip to a village near Constanta (Poiana). As those who have followed this blog for several years now will know the people of Poiana have become very dear to my heart. Each year we take toys, pens, pencils, paper, wooly hats, jumpers and so on. While we are there we run a holiday club, I mow the grass, the team paints the house, we deliver goods to the villagers and meet them in their own homes. Alison will be preaching on the Sunday and I will lead a Romanian mens meeting on the Wednesday.

All in all its a busy time but incredibly satisfying. Please hold us in prayer and as usual I will try to put some entries onto this blog over the next few days.

A2 highway, Romania

Image via Wikipedia

I couldn`t find many pictures of Romania but coming across this one reminded me of a previous trip. This is of the A2 the main route between Bucharest and Constanta; our car broke down on it two years ago and myself and another lad had to wait for over an hour for help. Most boring hour I`ve ever had, watching the ants crawling along the hard shoulder heading for what they thought was going to be tasty meat, US !!


Why have I shared all this with you ? Simply because I know that some of you are actually interested, but also to illustrate the hugely varied life I seem to lead :  Duck races to Romania !!

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