Who`s your favourite ?


Rising to a challenge by a friend on Facebook, I have been thinking about my favourite 10 bands. No doubt you will disagree with some of them, but they are all personal to me………………..

1  Queen

2  Beatles

3   Lindisfarne

4   Sweet

5   Slade

6   David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars

7   Abba

8   Take That

9   Rolling Stones

10  ELO

I could have added to the list Barclay James Harvest, The Shadows, Hot Chocolate and others but I had to narrow it down to 10 and its so hard.

So what has influenced me in making these choices ? Namely, that the majority were a part of my childhood; I grew up with some of them; I would dance along to their music in the Chapel disco and mime with a hairbrush in front of my bedroom mirror to Freddie Mercury’s vocals (what a confession !). The only obvious exception to that is the band, Take That, who only emerged on the scene in the early 90`s, but whose music is extremely engaging.

I reflect on this because it’s the same in Church life. Many of us like particular hymns but rarely for the words; it’s far more to do with associations we make. The hymn “What a friend we have in Jesus” will forever be associated with Auntie Evie and Uncle Bill, two very dear friends of mine, because it was Uncle Bills favourite. “We have an anchor” because it is the Boys Brigade hymn. Lately the hymn from the Vineyard movement “We will ride” is playing over and over in my head and it will always remind me of a commitment I made to Jesus to `ride with him`.

When it comes to making choices of hymns we would all have a different top ten, because we all have different associations and yet many of us assume that our choices are the correct ones and we write off the music of a different generation as too modern or too old, as dull and boring or too loud and fast ! Within Church life we need to become more tolerant towards All kinds of music and recognise that each type will mean something to someone.

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