End of Rotary Office

Well I`ve just concluded my final night as Rotary President; it’s a strange feeling, knowing I`ve handed on something that’s been a major part of my life for the last 18 months. It was an enjoyable evening and my fellow Rotarians were very generous in their praise. What have I enjoyed most about my time in office ? Almost certainly it will have included the privilege of speaking to many folk about their interests, admiring and encouraging the work of young people, such as the youth of Tibshelf school who are part of a building project in Sri Lanka, or the young people of Chernobyl with their indomitable spirit and the young ambassadors for Rotary who have travelled to our country to tell us about their culture.

I would also want to include my two charters (you can read about them on my blog Feb 2010 and 2011) and also the three Inner Wheel Charters I attended as President of Rotary. Inner Wheel is a fine organisation for ladies who often achieve more than the men in Rotary !

I think that it has also been good to have opportunity to “get off my backside” and make a difference by raising money to “STOP POLIO NOW”, the Rotary campaign to completely eradicate Polio across the world. Alongside  the Bill Gates Foundation this is a major initiative to try to completely eradicate this dreadful illness. Working with the World Health Organisation there are now only four countries in the world which report Polio in its midst.

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The Polio Plus campaign is one I`m particularly proud of.

But of course we also collect money for local causes, and during my time in Office we`ve raised money for work such as local schools projects, Derbyshire Young Carers, Morton cricket club, Shirland miners welfare band (Junior), and promoted youngsters towards achievements such as the young chef of the year award, young musician of the year award and so on. The list goes on and on.
But it hasn`t just been about raising money; it’s also been about activities such as taking the Derbyshire young carers 10 pin bowling and to the pantomime; last week I and other Rotarians were part of a mock job interview scheme with the local school helping the youngster learn the tricks of the trade when facing job interviews.
Regular readers of this blog will now that I`m proud of being a Rotarian and long may it continue.
However, its a return to the back-benchers now to see what mischief I can cause !  I now begina year of office as Seargent-at-Arms which means I get to `fine` members for misdemeanours such as breaches of dress code,  poor time-keeping and so on. Of course the `fines` are only 20p and the finances go to the Rotary Foundation Charity. It`s always conducted with a sense of fun and laughter. Tonight I was fined for my loud waistcoat, for failing to laugh at the secretary`s joke, and for hanging onto the office of President for too long !!!    All good fun.

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