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Have I done a deal with the devil ? I`ve now signed up for a Twitter account. Why ? Probably because of my nature and personality of wanting/needing to keep in touch with people about some of the most banal aspects of life !!


Seriously, I do feel that the Church needs to be aware and engaging with the modern social media for that is the way people in society are going (or should that be `trending` to use tweeter speak). Young people especially see tweeter, Facebook and other networks as a perfectly natural way of keeping in touch with each other, sharing news, and socializing. Whilst us older fuddy-duddies may long for a glorious golden age of letters and face-to-face contact it has to be said that it is never coming back, if indeed it ever really existed. I`m now in touch with far more people through my Facebook account than ever before. Yes, it is rarely anything of any major consequence but it keeps the door open should I ever need to go into more depth, and often isn`t that what most relationships about ?

Its believed that most people only have about 10 people who are really close friends with whom they will share confidences etc. Of those 10 only about three are privileged to be intimate with someone. However most people will have a wider circle of acquaintances who are simply `there`. I feel that much of the social media networking sites fulfills this latter task nicely.

In addition it is a further opportunity to share what is going on in the Church and more importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So I am now officially a tweeter or should that be a`twit` and we`ll see how it works out. Follow me if you wish. Now is that something Jesus might have said…………………………………………. ? I wonder if he would have tweeted !!

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