A day of coffee drinking ?

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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Wow, what a day I had yesterday ! Began at St. John`s for a quick cup of coffee at their coffee morning, moved onto Annesley Woodhouse for the early part of their 24 hour Bible read-a-thon (another cup of coffee); from there I went to Zion South Normanton for their silent auction (yes, coffee but with a ham sandwich !). I then moved onto Pilsley Church for their Creative Church (coffee again). Last night I went to Bethel for a concert to raise money to send a young girl to South Africa to work in an orphanage and then I rounded the day off by going back to Annesley Woodhouse to take my part in the Bible reading session with coffee to keep me awake……….

Long, hard and certainly tiring but, oh so worthwhile ! It may seem to some that all I did was wander around drinking coffee but I think it was much more than that. You see, I`ve always believed that the most valuable part of a Ministers work is carried out when he/she is meeting people, encouraging them and spending time with them. Yesterday I met friends from each of the churches, some members of the public who I would hope will become friends, children who I will hopefully encourage in their faith and I made myself available to everyone.

availability also brings vulnerability however, as I was `cornered` by someone who just wanted to complain at one stage, but that was a mere blip in an otherwise delightful day. If we`re going to be about changing the world then what the world needs more than anything is loving community. The Churches first role is to supply that loving community through its activities; secondly it must be a place of welcome in those activities; thirdly, build relationships and fourthly in those relationships speak of Jesus and how he came to save. Fifthly as we`re doing all this we should be people of prayer, praying that our welcome will set people onto the road of salvation.

Now into another special day as I travel this afternoon to Stoke to be at the welcome service for a very special friend who is a Methodist Presbyter. Sue`s welcome to her new churches has been delayed because of ill-health so it will be a joy to be with her tonight as she finally `arrives`(after 8 months) and YES, there will be a cup of coffee !!

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