I`m NOT in Aberdeen

I recieved notification today that a scam e-mail supposedly from myself is doing the rounds. Apparently, I am stuck in Aberdeen having had my credit cards and my passport stolen. The message then requests money urgently as I`m apaprently waiting to catch a plane home !! Sadly, at least one person made the mistake of telephoning the numbers printed but then thankfully put the phone down. His mobile provider has confirmed that it is a hoax but he had only lost a few pence. It could have been so much worse !!

Today I have lost a tremendous amount of time, dealing with calls and messages as everyone tries to tell me about the scam; I have lost all my e-mail addresses; I have lost all my e-mails of several years ago.

I feel so angry and embarrassed. I know it wasn`t my fault but in a strange cyber way I feel violated and I feel as though I`ve betrayed the trust of all those whose addresses I held. Almost certainly I will close that address down and create a new one which will cause more aggravation, but its a stark reminder of the evil of the world in which we live. There is someone out there who will have walked away today satisfied that his or her job was done. I pray that he/she will find peace and come to realise the damage they`re causing. May the Lord jesus visit them and bless them so that their lives can be given over to Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, I am NOT in Aberdeen !!!!

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