Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Westminster Abbey
Image by Pesky Library via Flickr

Like most of the country I`ve just spent a couple of hours watching the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate. I don`t count myself an ardent royalist but neither am I an out-and-out republican. I tend to sit somewhere on the fence over this which allows me the privilege of enjoying the wedding without becoming over obsessed or consumed by it all.

Consequently I`ve been able to enjoy the wedding today. I thought that Catherine Middleton looked gloriously beautiful and more importantly she looked happy. William looked every inch the royal groom and together they both looked relaxed in each others company.
The Archbishop of Canterbury and the other clergy of the Abbey managed to keep the pomp and circumstance of the occasion without it becoming too much and becoming stuffy; neat, tidy and well-organised it was an enjoyable service.
I thought the Bishop of London spoke well but I`d like to examine a transcript of his sermon later on.
As I sit here listening to interviews with `ordinary` people it makes you aware of how many people have been behind the occasion. It also gives a sense of the pride which people have in Great Britain and I just think it would be wonderful to have more of this pride in our own country and achievements.
The balcony kiss has just occurred, fleeting but natural. And now a second one (they`ve got the hang of it !)
Well, it’s over and its been thoroughly enjoyable but what now for the couple ? Well, my hope is that they are truly allowed to be a couple without too much prying and pressure.
Christian marriage is supposed to reflect the union of Christ and his Church; of self-sacrifice and self-giving and I hope that what we`ve seen of this couple, so far, will continue as they seem relaxed enough to truly want the best for each other. I pray that they will be an example of this for us all.

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