Exciting Day

Lutheran deacon with Easter candle

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Exciting day today. This morning I lead worship at Swanwick Chapel, this afternoon a baptism at Birchwood Chapel and this evening I am leading worship at Old Tupton Chapel. Pretty much the same for any Sunday you may say or you may point out that this is what I`m paid to do………………………..however it is more than that. Today is exciting for the simple reason that it is a major privilege to be employed by the Church to do what comes naturally, worship.

We were created to worship God Almighty, to bring him praise and honour and it is for that reason alone that today is so exciting. Today I have the opportunity again to be with Gods people and to bring him the worship that is worthy of him.

Yes, it may not have the raw excitement of worshipping with 8000 people in a tent at Spring Harvest, nor is the singing anywhere near as professional and yes I will be criticised for the length of my sermon or my choice of music, BUT it is simply good to be with those I consider to be family and worship with them.

Excited about today ? Yes, I most certainly am !!

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