Good News

In a previous blog I explained about the plan of Westminster City Council to deal harshly with rough sleepers and I appealed for prayer; It would seem that the decision has been overturned and this is a cause for rejoicing. Please see the link below………………… (you may have to cut and paste to join the two halves together.

Sadly, it’s still not clear whether or not the council has also dropped the proposal to ban rough sleeping in certain areas, so the need may still be there to protect and argue the case for our friends who have little option but to sleep rough. Please continue to press your MP over this and to pray about the whole situation.

At the same time lets rejoice over what has been achieved. 

Crematorium in St Marylebone Cemetery, East Fi...

Image via Wikipedia

The picture alongside is that of the crematorium in East Finchley. It reminds me of the Friday funeral services I used to have to carry out for people who didn`t have anyone else to turn to, and often the unknown of the borough. I was always taught to give them dignity because even if we didn`t know who they were, God did; lets pray that Westminster City Council can do this whilst they are still alive.


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