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I`ve just finished printing out chapters 6 and 7 of Ezra for our handwritten Bible project which begins tomorrow at Blackwell Community Centre and continues at the Idlewell Shopping Centre, Sutton on Saturday. Please hold us in prayer.

What is the handwritten Bible project ?

2011 is the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible and in conjunction with the Bible Society (Biblefresh initiative) our annual Conference resolved that Districts would work collectively to handwrite the Bible during the course of this year. Every District and Circuit has been allocated a portion of Scripture to write out and the idea is to creat a “Bible of the people”.

Consequently we have been encouraged to go beyond our Church walls and seek innovative ways to achieve this. In the Borders Mission Circuit we are holding two events, first one tomorrow and the second on Saturday. Tomorrow we have been allowed to `hijack` the Blackwell residents action group coffee morning which is held every Tuesday and Thursday; I will be allowed to have a table at the top end of the room with my lectern and I will simply sit and await anyone who wants to come and copy out a verse of Scripture. I give a lot of thanks to the people of Blackwell for allowing this to happen.

No one will be pressured into this and I hope that the Churches will turn out to support the coffee morning, as a thank you for allowing this to happen. I also hope and pray that it will give an opportunity for me to speak to folk about Scripture.

Similarly, on Saturday, we are going to the Idlewell Shopping Centre in Sutton. This is a very busy shopping centre and again we`ll simply put out the lectern and allow passers-by to take part.

Should we have any verses left after this we will have plenty of time to complete the exercise elsewhere before we have to send it off.

What will happen to it after that ?

Well it will be presented to the Methodist Conference in July 2011, but after that who knows ? I know of various suggestions that have been made including a presentation to the Queen, but what her Majesty will do with approximately 8000 sheets in 20 hardbound volumes I do not know !!

All in all it is an exciting project and I find myself really looking forward to tomorrow Those of you who are on the Borders Mission Facebook page may get to see quite a few photographs of this event. For others I will try to put one on here tomorrow night or after Saturday.

Most importantly pray for the events, that Jesus may be glorified.

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