Bible usage

Picked this up on my Facebook account earlier today…………………….

WARNING!!! Bible usage can be Habit Forming. Regular reading can cause Loss of ANXIETY and FEAR. Decreased appetite for LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, HATING, ANGER, and ENVYING. Symptoms Include: Increased sensation of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, COMPASSION, and CONTENTMENT!! If symptoms persist: Just PRAISE THE LORD

What a great message because it points out the importance of Scripture. I find it fascinating that so many Christians can revere the Bible, declare that it is the book they live by and yet very few ever read it on a daily basis. I don`t know the current statistics but certainly 10 years ago the Bible Society were noting that less than 17% of practising Christians read their Bible on a daily basis !

This year the Bible Society are acknowledging the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, and are using it to encourage all Christians and members of society to begin to engage with the Scriptures afresh. This initiative is called BibleFresh and they are hoping that there will be many creative and innovative ways of raising the profile of Scripture. It doesn`t matter what version of the Bible people use, but this is simply an encouragement to read the book that Christians proclaim to be the primary revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ

My own preference varies depending on why I`m reading the Bible and perhaps on what I`m hoping to gain from it, (at the moment I`m using the English version for the Deaf, a particular favourite); but whatever version I use there are three things which I think are important and which I always encourage people to do.

1)   Prayer before opening the Bible; even if it’s just a short arrow prayer for help  

2)  Prayer for God to speak to you as you read the Scriptures and pray for understanding

3)   Prayer after reading the Scriptures that God would show you what to do about it.

I believe that if we can read the Scriptures with more expectancy then we are opening our minds and hearts to the possibility that God will speak through them and show us the way forward for our lives and then the little quotation I put at the beginning of this article will be so very true.

Why not give it a go; look up the BibleFresh website and see if it can help you to revisit the Bible.

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