The Church of the Good Shepherd

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Spent today in Shrewsbury exploring a Fresh Expression of Church with the title “The Church of the Good Shepherd“.

Its been running for about five years now and it was set up to encourage, support, liaise with housebound people with the express intention of supplying worship and Holy Communion. Whereas other visitors may go for pastoral reasons the purpose of this is to meet the spiritual needs of the elderly and housebound.

Tricia has gone faithfully over the past few years to as many as 60 people per quarter, armed with her CD player, orders of service, Bread and Wine. In that time people have warmed to her, appreciated the connection with their previous Church or Circuit, sometimes invited neighbours to join in and delighted in the opportunity to worship again with another Christian.

This isn`t to undermine the precious work of pastoral visitors and friends, but it is designed to enhance the work.

I found it utterly fascinating and am now praying through whether this might be a way forward for the Borders Mission Circuit.

It was a heavy day, long and tiring when I could have been doing other things but it was incredibly worthwhile and the sort of thing I came into Ministry for. Thank you Lord.

2 thoughts on “The Church of the Good Shepherd

  1. I have seen a need for something similar in my own area, but not had an opportunity to pursue it.

    I’m intrigued by the statement

    “Whereas other visitors may go for pastoral reasons the purpose of this is to meet the spiritual needs of the elderly and housebound.”

    Are “pastoral” and “spiritual” separate things?

    • I agree that they shouldn`t be separate things but from experience I find that many pastoral visitors (unless trained otherwise) see their visit as purely practical and showing the love of the Church. They don`t all realise that a prayer may be offered, or they would consider themselves unworthy or unable to offer a prayer. Out of this I believe has come the whole notion that the Minister is the one who brings the spiritual matter, and therefore people only consider the Church ot have cared if he/she has been.

      I see something of this vision as appointing a person who can not only bring the spiritual but encourage/train/help the pastoral visitors to do the same.

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