Romania, urgent

Please pray for my Romanian friends; I recieved a distressing e~mail this morning. I print it out below…………….

Today we had a visit from the police with 2 neighbours.  They are saying that the dogs got out and killed some animals at 6am this morning resulting in approx £350 damage.  Alex and Ali were outside at 7am this morning and both dogs were there and Nero is too old to actually get out.  Neither of the dogs have any blood or marks on them and we have spend today trying to sort the problem out.  We are willing to pay the money, as we have no way of proving that it was not our dogs and the neighbours say that they have witnesses.  Once the neighbours left the policeman actually said to us that it is because we are foreigners and they assume we have loads of money.  In fact one of the neighbours complaining today,tried this a year or so ago but we were able to prove that it was not our dogs.  

What we are asking is that you pray with us that this situation is resolved in total.  One of the dogs has gone already but we need to keep one tied up until we can sort something else out as we need protection for the property here.  Alex has to go to the police station tomorrow morning at 8am (6am UK time) with proof that he has paid the people.  We don’t know if the police will take it further………. we hope not!!  Please pray that there will be no more repercussions in the village with this and that no one else will jump on the ‘band wagon’.  One of the witnesses is in fact the owner of the dog who actually killed the animal from the previous year.
Also yesterday Heather suddenly took a ‘turn’.  For no aparent reason her face started to swell and go very, very red and then went to her feet.  Thankfully this has improved and the only problem today has been a slight sore throat and a bit of feeling sick.  This same things happened once before over 20 years ago and she was in hospital for several days because her throat started to close.  Then, as now, there seems to be no reason it happened. 
This week we launched the plan for the year which is going to be a ‘Year of Action’ in Poiana… basically someone doesn’t like it.  We are not ‘down’ about all of this but really need your prayer support more than usual at the moment, especially for tomorrow at the police station.  There are other things that happened recently to hinder us and the work here, as in try to pull us down and drain rescources, but we won’t bore you wil them , just please pray.
Thank you for your support and we will keep you posted,

I would appreciate it very much if you could hold this precious family and their vital work in your prayers.

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