Woke up this morning to 6 inches of snow. Made me feel as though I was back in the North~East !!

In all our years of travelling we have rarely experienced snow to this depth since we left the North~East; woke up with that old, childlike excitement of wanting to play in the snow, combined with the more realistic adult view of “do I have to g0 out in that ?” Car is covered and the estate is full of the white stuff, and I know that I`ve got to get to a 30th birthday bash tonight and so I`m hoping it will have cleared somewhat by then. However Rebecca assures me that its set in for a fortnight at least.

So what are we to do ? It’s amazing that I can hear about the depth of the snow in Romania and how the people get on with things, but here in this country with a lot less snow we panic and  grind to a halt. How is it that we cannot come to terms with this white stuff which arrives each year ? Are we sensible over it by staying indoors and not taking risks or is it a case that we are really just lazy and use it as an excuse to stay indoors ?

I don`t  know what the answer is except that I still don`t like it and I do enjoy being `trapped` indoors !        Take care everybody

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