Sky broadband

Further to my rant of the other week when I declared that I wouldn’t move ever again, I have now been informed by Sky that telephone line will take a further three weeks and I cannot have internet access through them. This seems fair enough until you realise that I first spoke to them, making initial inquiries, in early September. Numerous phone calls and goodness knows how many operatives later I received this news today; two months on !

This is despite being told on various occasions that the broadband was coming and even being sent a broadband modem and a sky address. When I asked why I couldn’t have been told earlier that their speed was too slow for this house the reply was simply that “I should have been told”. I can accept that we are “too far away from the telephone exchange” but for them to take this long to tell us is infuriating. We have a good tv signal and so can receive sky television; we trust that we will have a good working telephone line within the month, but the thoughts of not having internet worries me. We have become so reliant on it for so much.

So now I`m on the hunt for a good quality supplier who can get me more than 1 mg per second. HELP !!!!!!!!!

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