Romania 2010 again

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Sitting here in the Chalmers living room reflecting on a great week, as we wait for the final teenage event and then a 4.00 a,m. start on our journey home.

As ever Romania has been a mix of frustration, joy, disturbance and sheer delight. I have been greeted by old and young like a long-lost friend; the warmth and generosity of the people has been overwhelming, but the scale of the poverty is truly harrowing. Today we visited a family living in a house where the whole ceiling is bowed and needs replacing.  Without the church this would not have been possible.

Families without electricity or water are also facing the possibility of a winter without necessary fuel. It costs only £60 for a ton of fuel, but even that may not get a family through.

And here we are returning to affluence, to a new house, warm and insulated with plenty of food and water, and we complain about what we can’t afford; At times I am ashamed of myself.

We have had a great team of Chrissie, Tessa, Deborah, Jill, Ellie, Vikki, Alison and myself. I thank them all for what they have achieved this week in the children’s work, the teenage work, the ladies and the mens meeting, the visiting, the priming of the outside walls, the grass cutting (yes, I did break the wheel off the mower  !) and the house curtains,. You have achieved so much.

If anyone wants a speaker on this subject I or someoneels will be available.

Final apologies for this typing-the cat keeps jumping on the keyboard !

1 thought on “Romania 2010 again

  1. It was a great week Mike and as you say lots of work was achieved, but a price cannot be put on the fact that everyone came and took part with all the people here, from the youngest to the oldest! Thank you all!!

    We were hoping to start on Nuta’s ceiling today but last night she was taken ill again and was rushed to hospital. Alex and Ali have just gone to collect her this morning. Please continue to pray for her.

    We all miss you all and hope to see you next year!! Re the typing…it could have been worse…you could have had the 2 of them 🙂

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