This could be my last post for a little while. In about ten hours the removal men will be at the front door looking to move us to our new house. It seems quite frightening what is left to do at the moment, because some last-minute things have just gone wrong. The main one being the dishwasher. We had planned to get the last dishes through it and then get it cleaned out ready for storage at our new house, but when we went to do that this afternoon it had blocked on us and I`ve just spent a few hours getting it `de-bunged`. Consequently we are now behind time. Still what doesn`t get done, just doesn`t get done and that’s the end of it.

Over the last few days I`ve experienced some real lows and some great highs; Ive never known a move be as stressful as this one has been: previously they have all been smooth and seemingly effortless, but this one seems to have been fraught with difficulty and anxiety. I declared the other day that “I`ll never move again” but I wonder how many other people have said that before me. The ironic thing is that as a Minister I know I`ll be moving on again in about 5-6 years time, if not before !

McDonald's nella Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II...

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The internet access is terminated in about 35 minutes so I will be reliant on free wi-fi from places such as McDonald’s for several days (it’s a hard life) and then next weekend Alison and I fly out to Romania for our annual mission week. This year it may come as a welcome rest !

I also won`t have telephone access so will be on my mobile until SKY have connected the internet and telephone line, but as soon as I`m sorted I will let the world know !  In the meantime I trust that you will continue to pray for the Redshaw family, especially tomorrow for the move and then later for our time in Romania.

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