Roller Coaster

Why does life have to be such a roller coaster ??  In the grand scheme of things my concerns are not that important, but they are weighing heavily today. I am aware that the house move is inching ever closer, but I am getting seriously scared about it arriving in the middle of my Church Council season.

Usually a Minister would move in August and then have two or three weeks to settle in before starting work on Sept 1st. However, because of the delay on this house, I am not going to have that luxury. Consequently, when the move does happen I’ll potentially be loading up the removal van at one end and at the other partially unpacking, then nipping off for a Church Council, and then back again to continue unpacking. The probable week of the move I have three Church Councils, a ladies meeting (Circuit), an evangelism meeting and a visit to a Lyfe Cafe. It is probable that I will have a staff meeting on the morning of the move. At the same time Alison will have to fulfill her Parish obligations and her regular Chaplaincy work of 15 hours. After all that we fly out to Romania to work for a week (if we have the energy !). Comical isn’t it ?

And yet God remains good. I’m not one who entirely goes with the thought of God engineering things to suit himself, but I do believe in a God who brings good out of difficult situations if we let him and look for him.  Trouble is it isn’t always easy to see.

However, we hang in there and in the long run will look back and see just what he has done that we are missing at the moment.

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