Church/Community ?

Got an interesting telephone call today from a Church member. The local MP (newly elected at the last election) is looking for somewhere to hold his surgery and had wondered if he could use one of my Churches. never having dealt with this before I did what any good Superintendent Minister would do; I consulted the rule book (CPD). It was typically neutral and referred more to the holding of political meetings or discussions about Christian theology and ethics. I may be naive but I couldn’t imagine many people wanting to discuss theology or Christian ethics with their local MP so I consulted more widely and found that such surgeries happen in many Methodist Churches all over the country.

That set me off thinking……………………. how often do we, as a Church, fail to engage with the community around us because we take a stance and use our Church walls to keep others out ? At times it’s as though we are afraid of being tainted by the world, rather than let the Church be a blessing to the world.

At the end of the day this is perhaps a mission opportunity as the building becomes a place whereby the community can meet its decision makers and where the Church itself can meet both the decision makers and the local community. I believe that a part of our mission is to bring the two together, so that the Church can bring Christs influence on the community and be a true blessing instead of simply expecting `them` to come to `us`. We, ourselves are a part of the community and so it is imperative that we play out part to the full and not take some high and mighty stance about being better than others.

Here endeth todays rant !

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