We`ve been to see two houses today after last weeks fell through. No 1 is very large but seems somewhat shabby and unfinished. Certainly if there was money to do it up it could be ideal, but a fair amount of work needs doing. There is real potential but not necessarily the time to fulfil the potential as we need to move as soon as possible. I start work in the new Circuit on September 1st. Thankfully the Amber Valley Circuit are going to let us stay in this Manse as long as we need to so that takes some pressure off.

Number 2 which is round the corner from the one that fell through seems to be even better than the first one that fell through. It has a larger feel to it, its private and not overlooked, it will need minimal decoration (only to get rid of it being all magnolia) and the entrance hall carpet is a very light colour so laminate could still be considered. The only down side is the lack of a study. Whilst the dining room is big enough Alison and I would probably take over a bedroom and use that as a study. It would still leave four good-sized bedrooms (two with en suites to die for !) If in the future a Minister didn`t want to use a bedroom the garage could be converted as it has access from the inside of the house We think there is real potential in both houses but our preference (and I suspect the Circuits) would be for the second house.

The couple here are selling because they think it’s too big for them and they are buying a brand new property therefore there is no chain. Notice how I have been good and kept to Methodist Conference guidelines on using social networking sites and not revealing private details. I certainly don’t want the owners of the first house suing us for criticising their property in a public forum !!

Thankyou to everyone who has held us in prayer today

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