Borders Mission gets off to a flying start

Rev Jim Magee holds forth

Rev Jim Magee holds forth

We held today the first ever social gathering of the future Borders Mission Circuit superbly organised by Rev Mick Dilley and Trevor Lee. I didn’t count how many people were there but it must have been well over 70.

An introduction given to the staff, whereby we had to stand up and identify ourselves. On the right there is a picture of Rev. Jim Magee, my co-Superintendent. I`m really looking forward to working with him.

Playing human noughts and crosses

We played all kinds of `getting to know you` games including speed dating, noughts and crosses and a game involving dried peas. The whole afternoon was a constant round of chatter, laughter and fun. People really seemed to enjoy each others company, new friendships were made, old friendships renewed.

If every Christian community could allow the sort of fun and spirit of togetherness as we have had today, then we’d be far more attractive to the world.

Why don’t we do it ? Probably because of our human weaknesses, our selfishness, our intransigence towards others and so on, but this is also why I give thanks: because we have a God who looks at our weakness and still declares love for us.

“Father, forgive them” was the cry of Jesus on the cross and so I believe that it is a cause for celebration that we can know we are forgiven. And yes, I believe Jesus was in the centre of everything today including the chatter, the food and even the speed dating !   

"Can`t shut them up can we ?"

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