Ash cloud

Please remember to hold in prayer all of the Icelandic folk whose lives have been jeopordised because of the volcanic eruption in the last few days, especially those who have been made homeless.

Remember those trapped in airports all over Europe.

Spring Harvest

Only one hour to go and we’re off………………………………………  Sounds a bit like the start of a Grand Prix doesn’t it ? That hopefully letd you in on our excitement to be heading off to Spring Harvest, our annual Christian festival held for three weeks at both Minehead and Skegness. Thats 6 weeks of Christians gathering from all over the country and world to celebrate God on each of the two Butlins sites.

As a family we’ve gone for 16 years now and in many ways our year is built around it; good quality teaching, fellowship, challenges, peace and a chance to recharge batteries after what has been a very tough few weeks with the pressure of circuit changes and house hunting going on. Its an opportunity to spend 6 days with good friends in worship together and I value it enormously.

I feel more ready for Spring Harvest this year than ever before

Only 55 minutes now and counting………………………………

Ha-way the Lads !

Spent a great evening last night in front of the television watching Newcastle United beat Sheffield United and go back to the Premiership. actually they had already been promoted by virtue of Nottingham Forest not winning against Cardiff, but it was still good to see the lads on home territory gaining another victory that may yet carry us to the title of Champions.

I know this won’t mean very much to many of my readers but coming from the North East football is all important. I had to smile on the news tonight (north~east news) when some Geordies were asked about important events of the last 24 hours and most of them mentioned the football; only one mentioned the General Election !        Football reigns supreme.