Update on Spring Harvest.

Got back from Spring Harvest on Friday. Tried to put a few things on the blog while wasthere but the wi~fi was too slow to allow me to do anything other than keep an eye on my e~mails.

S.H. was good in many parts although I chose to dip out of much choosing instead to simply have a rest. I contented myself with Krish Kandiahs Bible Study in the morning and Big Top celebration at night. If ever you get the chance to read Krish’s work then do so; he is a real down to earth Christian who opens the Bible in totally relevant ways.

The evening celebrations were interesting. In the main powerful preaching although we have a strong suspicion that Steve Chalke simply rehashed a sermon he used several years ago (I can’t complain because its not an unknown concept to me !!). However the evening celebrations were spoilt somewhat by Graham Kendrick. When he chooses to truly lead the worship he is extremely good, but when he gets onto a route of teaching a new song and then singing it endlessly it is infuriating. One can’t help but think that the new song is the one he’s trying to promote at the moment. This happened on several occasions and yet on others he could be inspirational.

All in all it was a good week and already we’re starting to plan towards next year.