Super~size me !

I have noticed the tendency in fast food restaurants of late that when you ask for a meal they automatically ask “is that the large ?” or “do you want that super-sized ?” I like to think that it is a marketing ploy to make money rather than a reflection on my waist-size !

However I was interested in this link to the BBC website today 

Apparently a survey of religious paintings of the Last Supper over the last millennium has shown that the amount of food in front of the disciples has grown significantly in size. The main meals having grown by 69%. Given that it was reported (and presumably commissioned by) in the International Journal of Obesity, we may not be surprised that the findings are in accordance with the thinking of the journal anyway. However it does raise an interesting thought about how art reflects life.

Over the years it is fair to say that most people eat more than ever before and even religious art is not exempt from reflecting this. Even though the Bible only mentions the dipping of the bread into the gravy, it is well understood that it was in the context of the Passover, a meal with set instructions on content.

However it is still a meal celebrating the release of the captives from Egypt and therefore could well be described as a party. I don’t know about you but most parties I attend seem to centre on food. How many times have you sat somewhere at about 8.00 p.m. and asked your companions, “whens the food being served ?” or “whens the buffet begin ?” I think most of us have done it at one time or another. Food plays a major part in Christian thinking; it speaks of companionship, intimacy, communion. It speaks most of all of relationships and when I think about the promised great feast in Heaven which will come as a result of my relationship with Jesus as my Lord and saviour, then all I want to say is “SUPERSIZE ME !”