Its Sunday now but I’m still on a “high” after last nights Rotary Charter. Because Graham has stepped down as President and I’ve had to step up to the position, I was supposedly the `top dog` at last nights Charter. Within Rotary International every club has its annual birthday bash, known as a Charter. Last night we were celebrating our 24th birthday. The District Governor, Tony, the Assistant District Governor, Noel were both there and there were people from other Rotary clubs in attendance all wishing West Ashfield Rotary Club well. As the President I  had the honour and privilege of recieving and responding to the good wishes.

It was a truly memorable evening, black tie, red dickie bow, three course meal, wine, fellowship and friendship and all rounded off with entertainment by Phil Chase, a comedian/musician.

My Alison couldn’t share in it with me as she was away for the weekend at University so her stand-in was Alison Wood (with permission of Stuart !); Although Alison Wood was a good stand-in I did miss my Alison and I’m grateful she will be with me next year at Charter when the club will celebrate its Silver Anniversary. That’s nothing against Alison Wood as she is a good friend and a terrific colleague, but you know how it is ………….?  I’m an old romantic at heart.

Regular readers of this blog will know that Rotary plays a big part in my life and as President last night I spoke of how it has given me opportunities,

      1)  to help others; e.g. the Haitian earthquake and now the Chilean earthquake, but also local charities as well. I also mentioned polio eradication (see previous postings) etc.

     2)  to give hope and opportunities for others. e.g. young musician and young chef of the year; youth leadership etc .                                     

     3)  to increase friendship. I spoke here about the friends I’d made in my local club, in the wider Rotary family but especially in Graham who I thanked for his work as President.

For me it all came together in the traditional final toast,                                         “ROTARY AND PEACE THE WORLD OVER

If you want another perspective on it have a look at Alison Woods blog,

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