Sound advice

You know I can’t be doing with those Christians who seem to deny the bad side of life, as seen in natural disasters such as the recent earthquake. in Haiti. You know what I mean……….   those well meaning folk who praise the Lord as people are dying, who express well intentioned phrases about the “Lord knows the full picture……” I sometimes think that its just me but I want to shout and rant and scream at God about the injustice of things; about how unfair it is that the poorest country in the world is hit with the tragedy of an earthquake or how innocent children are slaughtered in a Tsunami on the other side of the world.

I can’t begin to understand it. However in a Bible study tonight I came across this quote from Rev Dr Colin Morris (ex President of the Methodist Conference) who said of the hurricane that devastated New Orleans in 2004, “Asked about these dead children a pastor replied sadly, `He knows best!`”. Colin Morris goes on to say “I could not have said that then and I cannot say it now. I can’t comprehend how the ultimate purposes of a loving God are furthered by the agony of a single child. This is the raw edge of my faith, where my anger at God, or doubts about his existence break surface…………………………..” He concludes “For me faith is a constant inner struggle. All kinds of things can shake it; supremely the suffering of children. I only hold on to the Gospel by reacquiring it every time this ultimate demand is made on me. I look toward the cross and wonder.”

I would have to say the same, albeit less eloquently; Faith remains a day to day wrestle with difficult issues, with injustices, with prejudices, with hatred. Each and every day I wrestle with how a God could allow these things to happen, how he could oversee a Church at loggerheads with itself, or how he could allow Christians to act in unchristian ways so often. Every day a situation arises where it would be far easier not to be a Christian, where my doubts could surface and swallow up my faith. However, like Colin Morris I have to look at the cross and simply rely on a God who hung there, who allows me to be angry and loving, critical and full of praise; a God who somehow and in some way loves his creation.         


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