Bank Holiday

OK, get ready for another moan and rant !

Why are clergy not allowed to have Bank Holidays off ?  I’ve just come through a very busy Christmas Day, spent part of Boxing Day getting ready for Sunday worship and all along I thought that as this was a bank holiday I might get some time off. NOT A CHANCE !

I recieved a phone call this morning, which I foolishly answered, to get a message to visit someone. They had decided, kindly, not to wait until tomorrow to ring me as its my day off but they felt they could ring me today. In most other professions bank holidays whether taken on the day or not are a given, but it seems to some folk that this doesn’t apply to the clergy. Why ? Are we superhuman who can keep going whatever the day it is ? Are we incapable of feeling tired or stressed or simply wanting to spend time with a good book ?

Some people will say that I shouldn’t have picked the phone up. That’s as maybe but surely there is also an emphasis on the church members to hold fire on public holidays, unless it is a real emergency.

As always I kept my tongue to the caller, agreed to visit, and am so thankful for this medium in which to vent my spleen. Thanks for reading (and therefore listening).

All I ask for in response is that anyone who is a Christian and a church goer that you remember to give your Minister/Vicar/Pastor space to relax and don’t always expect him or her to be there at your beck and call when it suits you.

1 thought on “Bank Holiday

  1. Reply to an earlier rant why should you moan about bank holidays how lucky you are getting every Sunday (double time) in throughout the year

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