Romania, last day

We come towards the end of our time in Romania and what a great week it has been. Visited four families today and as always I’m moved by the living conditions but also by their pride when visitors come. Combined with the house group at Anngelas’s last night that makes five different houses visited; different styles, different families, different set of animals in yard and different hopes and expectations, but all grateful to God for what they have and what He does for them. VERY humbling.

This afternoon we held a hallelujah party instead of halloween (which sadly is taking hold in Romania). We celebrated that Jesus is the Light of the World. Silly party games, ice cream and beefburgers, presents given out. Great fun with 21 children. We do it all again in an hours time with the teenagers !  After that its packing and then at midnight set off for the airport to arrive at 5.00 a.m. for a 7.00 a.m. flight and then with the time difference we land at Luton at 8.00 a.m.  Long night ahead of us.

Its been great seeing everyone again, especially the church community and the Chalmers family; a sense of achievemnt ? Certainly. A desire to cme back next year ? Without a doubt !!

Very emotianal day.

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