Romania day 1

Well, here we are at the end of our first full day in Poiana, in Romania. My apologies for the lateness of this message, but I’ve had trouble getting onto the internet. I’ve also lost my addresses for anyone beginning with ‘A’  
We had a good journey here; nice flight but a little bumpy; car journey from Bucharest to Poiana is always long and monotonous. Flight between countries is 3 hours but its 4 hours to Poiana in the car,
Today it has been lovely to see the youngsters and the villagers again and to be amazed at how many recognised me. Hugs and kisses all round !
  Alison preached at the morning service today and was very good. Its not easy preaching to people you don’t know and who dont share the same language. I was the proud husband, She even got a round of applause ! I never got one in May when I preached.
Afterwards we all went into the back field where I had the enormous privilege of dedicating the play aea to the memory of Fraser (Heathers brother) and (a young girl who died earlier this year).
It was a morning of tears and laughter; of pride and joy; of serious  and silliness (as I got to play on the swings).
This afternoon was much more chilled as we walked by the Black Sea, and enjoed a lovely meal. I was a good boy and had salad ! (with my Calzone).
Tomorrow I’m off to visit Pastor Marcel at Basarab to see how the house renovation is coming along.
Please hold Iohn in your prayers as he was burgled today while at Church.


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