Wonderful baptism today. Albie, son of Leah and Steven was baptised today. Leah and Steven are a deaf couple and they invited me to baptise their son. Leah’s mum signed the service for me as I didn’t trust myself to get all the signs right and besides I couldn’t fathom out how to sign the service AND hold the baby at the same time !

Albie was an absolute delight, but so were the family and friends of Leah and Steven; some were hearing people and some weren’t but they all took part and were keen to make it a special occasion. I felt really blessed by them all.

Today was back to Church Sunday and at 9.45 a.m. we had a Waingroves baptism with about 100 people, followed by the regular 10.45 a.m. with about 20 people. I then went onto Codnor for Albie’s baptism with another 70 people and concluded at Nether Heage with their Harvest Festival where another 50 had gathered.

Of these 240 I estimate that about 150 were not regular churchgoers. I hope and pray that I may have given them a taste of Jesus; that they may have been challenged to find out more and that they may be blessed by Him.

All in all its been a good day.