Why ?

Why is it that when others make mistakes or get things wrong I’m expected just to forgive and forget, yet when I make a genuine mistake I’m accused of all sorts; apparently I’m the spawn of the devil or at least thats how a couple of people have made me feel this evening. I’m someone who is so useless that I’m to be pitied or mistrusted. I know that it is only a couple of people who have spoken sharply tonight, and that there are many who would speak up for me, but at the moment it really, really hurts. My mind tells me that logically I should just dismiss it but my emotions are raw.

I know that we should heed the lifestyle of our Lord Jesus who was able to forgive people who did far worse to him, than anything thats been done for me, but to be brutally honest it is VERY hard. I spend all my life trying to understand when people make mistakes; I try to affirm them and find ways around their mistakes so that they won’t feel bad about them, yet others won’t allow me that same slack.

Father, I’m sorry for the way I’m feeling right now. Please forgive me and help me to continue to treat others, even those who’ve hurt me, with love and respect.”