Why do we do it ??

Its 5.00 in the morning and I’m checking the news on the net whilst waiting for Vikki so that I can take her to work to start at 6.00 a.m.

Why do we as parents (any parents) do things like this for our children ? Leaving a warm comfy bed that I only entered a few hours ago simply because there isn’t a bus service at this time in the morning, I begin to have an inkling of what love for someone else is about.

I would do anything for Alison and the girls, out of love. Pure and simple as that. God would do anything for us, out of pure love as well. Indeed he has; stepping out of Heaven so that we might begin to understand His love and then by going to the cross as Jesus to show how deep that love was and is. If my love for my girls is so great how much greater must be Gods love for me ?

Praise the Lord its a beautiful morning because its the start of another day in which His love will be shown afresh. (and its only another month till I have to do this again !!)