I sit here in the gap between my trip to Poiana in Romania and going on my annual holidays; this year we’re going to the Isle of Sheppey. its that moment of madness when I’m trying to get everything squeezed in before I go, knowing that there will always be some item I’ve forgotten !

Funny isn’t it how we try to pack so much in; we run around here and there, carrying out this task and that task. I wonder how important some of our tasks really are ? I know that I have to complete paperwork but I wonder how much difference it will make to the lives of the people of our area: I have to maintain a certain appearance (I’m told) but does it affect how I carry out my work ?; I’ve even been told recently that I have to ensure that everyone in Church life fulfills health and safety responsibilities or else I, personally, am responsible !
Yes, many of these things are important but I do ask the question “what is the one thing that I should not go without ?” The reply I keep coming back to concerns my relationship with other people and with Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. If the Church were to close tomorrow that would NOT be a disaster, for my relationship with people and with Jesus is not built with bricks and mortar, nor is it built with rules and regulations. It is built with trust, love and faithfulness. My Lord is constantly faithful to me and regularly shows his love for me; He died on the cross so that I could have an everlasting relationship with him and so I try to return that same faithful love and care in following him. In turn this love for Jesus affects my love for other people. I try to see them as he would see them and therefore treat them accordingly. So how do we go about building such a relationship with Jesus ? Simply by trying to jettison that which is not important and by spending time in the important things, in the presence of Jesus. Church worship, quietness, solitude, in a garden, in our mind are all places where we can relax into his presence and learn from him how to deal with the business of life.
Happy relaxation everyone.