Further thoughts on Kensington Palace

As I said a couple of days ago I had the privilege of taking Dad to Kensington Palace for a tour and afternoon tea in the Orangery, last week.
Two things came out of the day which I have reflected on since. Firstly, the tea in the Orangery which consisted of a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich. It was cut into triangles (4) without crusts; ever so dainty. This single sandwich was followed by a scone with jam and cream, a cup of cappuccino and a wedge of Victoria sponge cake. Now, don’t get me wrong, but to a simple country lad from the backwaters of the North East it seemed very little for a disproportionately high price. The omelette and chips we had in the evening was much better value !
The second thing to come out of the day, was how pleasurable it was to spend it with my Father. Just Dad and I chatting, enjoying things together, having a pint in the pub, getting the train home was particularly memorable for me.
Why has this gone round and round in my mind since ? Well it seems to me that in life we often get things the wrong way round. We pay extraordinary prices for things which are transient and don’t give full satisfaction. The tea in the Orangery did not add very much to the day and in life we fill ourselves with things that don’t improve our lives very much at all. We fill our lives with all sorts of junk and rubbish, cramming in all sorts of fleetingly hedonistic things believing that the latest gadget or fashion will improve the quality of our lives when it will only ever be a brief time filler till the next thrill comes along. Instead we should be seeking to find satisfaction in the things that really matter, relationships. Friends, families, people we meet casually at times are all important in our life’s journey and people cannot be replaced by trends or fashions. Indeed the greatest relationship of them all is often the one most neglected by us; the relationship we can have with God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Just as I will treasure the time I spent with my Dad in London, so we should treasure being in our heavenly Fathers presence whether that be in Church, in the garden, in the work place, or wherever. We should seek his presence and then simply enjoy it without letting the hustle and bustle of the world crowd that special moment out.
I urge each one of us to find at least a moment in each day to stop and enjoy the presence of God, our Heavenly Father.