Good Friday

Wonderful day yesterday. I used the services (5 of them) simply to share the Gospel. In the three services where I organised, I simply read the Gospel accounts in part, broken with silence or hymns, and largely allowed the account to speak for itself. The times of silence in each church were awesome, when I really felt as though God was saying “I am here and with you all”

Very powerful day.

Comical part ? At Codnor there was a walk of witness and because time was tight between services I asked how far it would be. I was told it would begin at the Parish Church and be a short stroll around the block. I allowed for half an hours walk. Instead it was a VERY large block, which encompassed all three churches of the area over a patch of about a mile and a half to two miles, and it lasted one hour and twenty minutes !!

Having said that it was most enjoyable and we gave away hot cross buns wrapped in serviettes with a Gospel message on them. Very powerful.

May Jesus bless you all at this time with His Risen presence.