Who is my `boss` ?

To whom am I answerable ?  This is the question which is taxing my mind at the moment. I find that the Connexion (National Methodism) tells me what it wants me to do, my Circuit tells me what it wants me to do, and each of my churches tells me what they want me to do. The demands of all these groupings are often different and sometimes contradictory. Added to that is my vision of what God wants me to do, which again does not always fit easily with any of the other demands placed upon me.

I cannot please all of them, but who do I upset ? There are many times when I find it a relief to be able to say, if only to myself,  “I am not an employee of the Connexion, my Circuit or any of my churches – I am a servant of the Lord”.

Trouble is these are `high` words but do any of the Connexion, Circuit or Churches really believe them ? I don’t think so because its human nature to want what we want, and that is usually to have someone else doing the work or taking the flak.

I genuinely don’t know what the answer is.

Just some Saturday morning musings…………………………………