Still alive !

Its almost been a month since I last wrote anything. Sorry about that. Thought I’d better say something to prove that I’m still alive, if nothing else.

As usual its been a busy month but now all my Church Councils are out of the way and its headlong into Easter. I’m beginning to prepare the Circuit Passover Service in which we’ll eat something of a Passover meal; beginning to look good.

The Mission Shaped Intro course has gone extremely well. We’re in week three and everyone seems to appreciate it and many are speaking of being challenged by it. Good progress is also being made on the Mission Shaped Ministry course which we’ll begin in September right across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire; a fantastic course which I attended in Lincoln last year (see earlier blog entries). We’re looking for forty to attend this one.

For those of you wondering how the weight loss is going I seem to have lost between 3~4 pounds. Doesn’t seem much but its a start.  Bought a Wii fit today and it estimates my age as 49 (!) I love this machine seeing as my age is 50. Jamie who lives with us is 37 (real age 20) and Rebecca is 35 (real age 24) so I feel VERRRRRRRRRRY good. Alison is away in the Lake District this weekend so we’ll see what age she is when she returns.