How long should I work ??

The BBC website has reported an interesting survey http://news. 1/hi/health/ 7909464.stm about working hours. Its basically saying that if you work for too long you begin to suffer mentally with tiredness and fatigue. Worryingly it also links to dementia and other illnesses.

I don’t know of any Methodist Minister who works only 40 hours and most of us manage to work 12 hour days for the best part of the week, therefore 60~70 hours becomes the norm each week. I don’t say that to boast about how hard I work but to highlight an increasing concern in my life, that the demands of day to day Presbyteral Ministry are such that more and more Ministers are being damaged physically and spiritually.

I don’t know the answer other than more human resources to share the workload but that in turn puts an increased pressure on fellow Christians to dig ever deeper into pockets and purses that are already stretched in this time of financial burden and I’m not prepared to put that burden on my people.

Try reading the report and see what you think.