The birthday just keeps going on and on !!!!

Fabulous night last night. After the trip to London and the surprise party at Birchwood I really did think it was all over. After all the birthday celebrations had already lasted over a week. However………………

Our friend Judith braved the elements on Thursday to come over from Oldham, ostensibly to celebrate her birthday with us. I told her not to come because of the weather but she was determined. I should have known something was up, especially as she was texting someone en route to the pub !

Anyway she insisted we went out for a drink and a meal last night to the Red Lion in Ripley. Unfortunately Alison already had a prior engagement so couldn’t be with us. As we stood at the bar ordering drinks this guy came and pushed me out of the way to wish Judith “Happy Birthday” and just as I was feeling riled about the bad manners I realised it was her son, Gareth !!

Gareth and his fiancee, Sharlene, had secretly travelled down to spend the weekend in Ripley to celebrate my birthday. I’ve always been close to Gareth and have often thought of him as a Godson so for this to happen was simply wonderful. A meal, four guiness`s, a lot of of good quality conversation about Newcastle Utd (Sharlenes favourite team), and a lot of catching up on news later we called it a night; but what a great surprise and what a great night.

But it gets better: apparently Sharlene and Gareth are taking Alison, Judith and I into Nottingham today for a meal, but I don’t know where or what it is.

You know, I’m thoroughly enjoying being 50. They all say that life begins at 40, but for me life is simply getting better at 50.

At this rate I might be 60 before this birthday is over.