Writing this from the comfort of my table in the conservatory looking out over a whitened field after the latest flurry of snow. Everything seems to have ground to a halt and for once my garden is looking truly beautiful……………………..

I can’t deny that it was also something of a joy to be able to stand at the door this morning and wave Alison off into the snow, knowing that my appointments had been cancelled as I couldn’t get the car out.

Nanook of the North ??
Nanook of the North ??

       “Do you feel sorry for her ?”


Whilst frustration abounds that things have been cancelled, buses stopped, businesses and schools closed it is also good to be able to stop for a while and simply enjoy what God has given. Vikki made a snowman the other day (didn’t last long, but she enjoyed it), I’m relaxing by tidying up and catching up on some reading. This enforced rest is really rather wonderful.