Athiest message on buses

Many of you will have read about the Richard Dawkins campaign to put advertising slogans on the side of buses in London with the message “There is probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy life”. I do find it offensive but feel that God is more than capable of overcoming such a statement so I don’t worry about it. I also think that Richard Dawkins and others will find some difficulty when they have to explain the ad to God on judgement day. Alison and I saw several of these buses yesterday and today

The Methodist Church through its Spirituality and Discipleship Officer, Revd Jenny Ellis,  said; ‘We are grateful to Richard for his continued interest in God and for encouraging people to think about these issues. This campaign will be a good thing if it gets people to engage with the deepest questions of life.’ I love the way we give thanks to the athiest society for keeping God on the public agenda.

However, probably the best response can be found in the Church Times blog. Follow this link 

Too often we get defensiv e about these things instead of seeing it as an opportunity. How much more is this a positive message to send, than to condemn Dawkins and others ?